Complete orthodontic care for kids and teens

We specialize in teeth straightening for patients of all ages. In fact, one out of four of our patients is an adult over the age of 21. Our patients range in age from 6 to 66. That’s why we offer so many different options to meet different orthodontic needs and ages, including:
– Traditional braces with fun-coloured elastics for kids braces
– Self-ligating brackets for friction-less teeth straightening
– Clear aligners for the special needs of self-conscious teenagers
– Stainless-steel mini-braces that are the smallest and provide a wide range of popular colours
– Tooth-coloured braces that blend with your teeth by exact colour matching
– Expanders and other appliances that can help some children avoid teeth braces entirely

Skill and a woman’s touch
Here at Impact Orthodontics, Dr. Jennifer Smith and Dr. Dena Sawchuk have dedicated their lives to giving Calgary’s children and teens smiles they can be proud of. They do this with skill and a woman’s touch, and they do it with down-to-earth, likeable, friendly and fun-loving personalities.  Dr. Jen and Dr. Dena are terrific with kids and most of their young patients look forward to seeing them.

With Dr. Jen and Dr. Dena’s help, you will have access to today’s most popular and most effective smile-straightening solutions. You and your children will smile more during and after Dr. Jen and Dr. Dena’s treatment.

To learn more about our high-impact orthodontic care and teen braces treatment, call Impact Orthodontics at 403.256.7797. For your convenience, you can schedule a complimentary consultation with orthodontist Dr. Jen or Dr. Dena using our online Request an Appointment form. Our teenaged patients come to us from Southeast Calgary, Southwest Calgary, South Calgary and Okotoks.