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Should You Seek Opinions From Multiple Orthodontists in Calgary?

During a regular week in the office, many of my new patient consultations are with families or individuals that are seeking a second, third, or fourth opinion. The reason for this additional opinion varies widely and, personally, I think that all of them are valid.


Let’s look at some of the reasons you may be seeking, or want to seek, an additional opinion.


1. You heard something at the first opinion that didn’t feel right.

Orthodontists all practice differently and some of the things we like to do sound great to people and some sound not so great. Depending on our training and experience, you may hear 3 completely different opinions from 3 different orthodontists.

This is not to say that one way is better than another, it is just different. I’m a firm believer in completing treatment with an orthodontist that you trust. This means that the plan has to make sense to you and seem reasonable. If there is a mismatch in philosophy or opinion, look elsewhere until you find a good fit.

All of the orthodontists in Calgary expect that not everyone is a good fit for our style of practice. We do not take any offence in someone seeking multiple opinions.


2. You really want Invisalign and it was not presented as an option.

Children as young as 7 and adults as mature as 80 can all have Invisalign. Clear plastic aligners are a great way to move teeth around without changing your life too much. That being said, not all orthodontists love using Invisalign.

Many practitioners feel much more comfortable using traditional braces, so that is the treatment that they offer. It makes sense that they would choose the appliance they know they can get the best result with.

Moving teeth with Invisalign is a very different process than moving them with braces. It takes learning a completely new system and practicing with it until you are an expert. If Invisalign is what you want, simply look for an orthodontist that does a lot of it.


3. The cost of treatment was too high or the payment plans were not flexible.

Orthodontic treatment is a substantial investment. The total cost of treatment varies throughout the city of Calgary. As the fees for treatment are set by each individual office, it would make sense to check with a few places if you are concerned about the fee that was presented.

I am happy to say that I do not know of a single orthodontic office in Calgary that does not follow the Alberta Dental Fee Guide.

Payment plans are another place where offices can differ. Some will require a down payment, some will not. Many will in-house finance over 6 months, 12 months, 18 months or longer. Some will extend payment plans as long as 60 months.

Finding a payment plan that works within your budget is key to making the process easy. Take the time to find the best fit for you and your family.

How Do You Go About Getting Another Opinion?

The internet is a great resource for finding all of the orthodontic specialists in Calgary. All offices have a website that will describe a little about what they do.

A few, like ours, offer a way to do a consultation from home so you can get another opinion without taking more time off of work or school.

There are not any orthodontic offices in Calgary that require a referral from a dentist in order to be seen. This means that you can go and see anyone you like. Simply call another office or book online.

I wish you all the best in your search for the perfect orthodontic fit!

Dr. Jen

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