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Adult Braces Calgary | Facts

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I am asked almost every day if I do braces on adults in Calgary.


The answer is always “Yes!” followed by an explanation of the limitations of adult braces.


Adult Orthodontics


A discussion of adult orthodontics would not be complete without a discussion on how it differs from child or teen orthodontic treatment.


One obvious difference is that children often have baby teeth in their mouth. Adult and baby teeth are treated differently with braces treatment. Adult teeth can almost always be moved, whereas baby teeth are often not moved.


Getting To Straight Teeth


adult teeth after wearing braces


Children are growing, meaning the bones of the jaws that house the teeth are moldable. 

Crooked teeth are easily made straight because of this flexibility.


In children, treatment options are plentiful. There are many great ways to get to a beautiful smile.


Adult patients, however, have bone that is not growing and changing. Misaligned teeth can only be moved within the bone that currently exists.


This means that there are more risks associated with tooth movement, as well as limited treatment options for adult patients.


Risks of Adult Orthodontics

  • gum recession
  • root shortening
  • black triangles (see photo below)
  • less than ideal final result


straight teeth with black triangles


Limited Treatment Plan For Orthodontic Problems

  • extractions required more often
  • jaw surgery indicated more often
  • crossbites may need to remain
  • tooth reshaping (IPR) required more often
  • additional dental specialists involved more often


Oral Health Problems


Children generally have few oral health problems. Tooth decay is the most common. If tooth decay is present, we will ask for the general or pediatric dentist to fix this before we begin.


Adults, however, have many oral health issues due to not having properly aligned teeth and jaws. This means that not all orthodontic problems can or should be corrected. Orthodontic care should be discussed with an orthodontist to decide what is best for you.


Periodontal Disease


Periodontal disease, or gum disease, is when the structures supporting teeth are not healthy. 

This results in bleeding gums, recession of gums and bone loss around teeth.


When teeth are difficult to clean due to their position, or the bite is putting excessive force on teeth, resulting in wear, gum disease can be the result.


Adult braces can still be done when there is periodontal disease, but it is done with caution and often under the supervision of a periodontist.


Excessive Wear


many adults have wear


People that clench and grind their teeth are the most likely to wear their teeth down over time. 

This can result in teeth that don’t look as nice as we want them to after they have been made straight with braces.


We often involve the dentist to restore the size and shape of worn teeth to ideal so that your smile is everything you wanted.


Temporomandibular Joint Issues (TMD/TMJ)


Jaw pain can be caused by many things. It can be complicated to find the source.


We know that some people with a bad bite or crooked teeth will never have jaw joint pain and some will.


For some people, it is wise to undergo orthodontic treatment, and that will alleviate their pain.


For others, wearing braces is not the solution can can make pain worse.


An orthodontic assessment is ideal here so that you can hear all of your orthodontic treatment options and make the best decision for yourself.


Orthodontic Treatment


metal braces


Appliance Options

  • Metal braces
  • Lingual braces
  • Clear braces
  • Custom 3D printed braces (LightForce)
  • Invisalign clear aligners
  • Other clear aligner brands (Angel, Spark, Clarity)


Invisalign clear aligners


Are Braces Affordable?


Yes! Most orthodontic treatment comes with flexible financing options.


You can get a straighter smile to improve your dental health and confidence all while not 

worrying about the cost.


We offer flexible financing options to all patients and will direct bill your insurance company.


We offer interest-free payments and do not require a large down-payment.


Proper alignment of the upper and lower jaws and straighter teeth might mean getting braces 

or clear aligners that impact your day-to-day. But, down-payments as low as $150 and monthly payments as low as $150/month mean everyone can afford the smile of their dreams.


Canadian Dental Association


The Canadian dental association recommends an orthodontic evaluation for anyone over the age of 7.


Orthodontic treatments such as traditional braces are a great option for many adults.


You can get a treatment plan from an orthodontist near you and if you are in Calgary, adult braces are offered by us at Impact Orthodontics. With 2 locations to serve you.


Why Orthodontic Patients Choose 

Impact Orthodontics


orthodontic patients love Impact Orthodontics


As trusted experts with over 25 years of combined experience, our online reviews say it all.


Drs. Jen & Dena pride themselves on an exceptional patient experience and thorough education. They want you to fully understand what is needed, your treatment plan options, and exactly what it will cost.


There are no surprises at Impact.


Come and see us for a consultation today. You can book an appointment online or call or text us at 403-256-7797.


We can’t wait to meet you!

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