Looking to
Get Braces
in Calgary?

Looking to Get Braces in Calgary?

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The Classic Way to Straighten Your Teeth

Metal braces have been used for decades to guide teeth into place, correcting cosmetic alignment and bite problems. They are glued onto the surface of your teeth, attached with wires, and tightened slowly every 6-12 weeks to move your teeth into place.  Metal braces in Calgary are still a popular option, we offer 100% custom LightForce braces as an alternative.  These high-tech braces are 3D printed, white in colour and personalized to your teeth and bite! 

Should My Child Get
Braces or Invisalign?

Invisalign braces



For Kids

For Kids

Younger patients are often nervous about something new going into their mouth. Braces and Invisalign First are options for children under 10 to provide early and preventative orthodontic care. We will cover all the pros and cons of each system to help you decide what is best for your child.

For Teens

For Teens

Teens are often self-conscious about their appearance. Though they can effectively reduce crowding or improve bites, braces in themself can provide a source of insecurity. LightForce braces are clear and Invisalign aligners are nearly invisible. Your teen will be able to choose what they feel most comfortable with.

For Adults

For Adults

By the time they reach adulthood, most people are unwilling to make the lifestyle changes required by braces. Invisalign is effective at aligning teeth and fixing bites, offering a seamless transition and fitting within the busy lifestyle of most adults.

For Everyone

For Everyone

As Invisalign has become more popular, the technology has advanced so that we can now treat all types of smiles and bites with clear aligners. Everyone is a candidate! And for those that still want custom orthodontics but prefer glued-on, LightForce braces are a great fit!

Everything You Need to Know
About Braces in Calgary

Why Choose LightForce Braces?

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100% Custom Appliance

LightForce braces are made for your teeth and only your teeth. We take a 3D scan of your teeth and after the orthodontist makes a plan for how and where they need to move, you braces are 3D printed. Gone are the days of everyone getting the same braces - you are unique and your braces should be too!

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More Discreet & Fewer Appointments

LightForce braces are white in colour and blend into the colour of your teeth. They can be made fun with coloured elastics if you wish. Due to the custom prescription in the braces, you can often go 8-12 weeks between appointments.

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Efficient & Effective Treatment

Customized braces mean that treatment happens as efficiently as is possible. Your tooth movements are planned digitally before your braces go on so we already know what to expect. LightForce braces are glued-on so they are working 24/7 - your job is to keep your teeth clean and follow our instructions!

Budget Friendly

We offer direct billing to all major insurance companies, and we have convenient financing options to make orthodontic treatment affordable and accessible to everyone!

Budget Friendly

We offer direct billing to all major insurance companies, and we have convenient financing options to make orthodontic treatment affordable and accessible to everyone!

Book a

Book a Consultation

Get your FREE consultation in-person or online. During your first appointment, we will answer all your questions about orthodontic care, including how long it will take and how much it will cost.

Treatment Plan

Custom Treatment Plan

Each treatment plan is completely customized. We work with you to determine how often you should visit, how much your insurance plan covers, and which payment option will suit you best.

Get the

Get the Appliance

It’s time to start transforming your smile. Our orthodontic specialists will provide you with a custom-made appliance fit to your bite. With that, your journey to a gorgeous new smile begins.

Invisalign and LightForce braces are both customized orthodontic appliances used to move teeth and improve bites.  Invisalign are clear, removable aligners that are removed only for eating and brushing.  They are switched every week and slowly move your teeth into position.  LightForce braces are glued on to your teeth and wires are used to move your teeth and bite into position.  You will need to learn a new way to brush and floss and be seen every 6-12 weeks in the office for adustments.

Each individual provider determines the cost of braces. As such, orthodontics vary in price. Some orthodontists charge the same fees for braces and Invisalign, while some charge more for Invisalign and some charge more for braces. At Impact Orthodontics, we will work with you to determine which appliance is best for you and how to make it work for your budget.

Many people believe that plastic is not strong enough to move or align teeth. However, it requires significantly less pressure than most people think. Invisalign is very effective at guiding teeth into the desired position. The aligners work by pushing on the teeth consistently throughout the day, and as each tray is exchanged for a slightly different set, the small changes work to move the teeth gently into place.

Elastics are used in orthodontics to change how the teeth touch each other. Elastics may be used to move your lower teeth forward to your upper teeth, move your upper teeth backward to meet your lower teeth, move upper teeth down to meet lower teeth, or move lower teeth up to meet upper teeth. Dr. Jen and Dr. Dena will let you know if elastics are needed to correct your bite. Elastics attach to your aligners with the use of buttons or grooves.

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