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At Impact Orthodontics, we give 3 cheers to Invisalign! Invisalign was created to overcome the biggest challenges presented by traditional braces. Say goodbye to metal mouth and uncomfortable brackets. Eat your favourite foods, including popcorn. And say hello to a beautiful smile that you’ll never have to feel self-conscious about. Plus, everyone is a candidate for Invisalign in Calgary.

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Invisalign First

Invisalign First is used for early, interceptive orthodontic care in our younger patients. It allows for easy maintenance of oral hygiene and does not restrict any foods. Invisalign First is a great way to solve some big problems early without disrupting life too much!

For Teens

Invisalign For Teens

Invisalign Teen is used for 10-18 year olds to provide orthodontic care and fix bites and crooked teeth. Aligners can be worn during sports, swimming, playing an instrument, and almost any activity you can think of. Your oral hygiene routine can stay the same and you don’t have to worry about not eating certain foods.

For Adults

Invisalign For Adults

Invisalign is a tool used in orthodontics to straighten teeth and improve the function of your teeth. The clear plastic aligners are nearly invisible and are easy to remove for eating and brushing. Many adults are eligible to have their teeth aligned and/or bite fixed with Invisalign clear aligners.


Dental Monitoring

We offer Dental Monitoring to reduce the number of required visits to our office. You can use the Dental Monitoring app to take and send pictures of your progress that we’ll use to compare to your plan and let you know when you can change to your next set of aligners.

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Gentle Tooth Movement Reduces Soreness

Many children and youth are nervous about orthodontics being painful. Unlike braces, Invisalign does not involve any cumbersome wires or brackets. The plastic aligners gently move the teeth and eliminate the possibility of cuts and scrapes inside the mouth.

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Clear Alignment Eliminates “Metal Mouth”

As former braces wearers, we know the “metal mouth” struggle is real. Invisalign aligners are clear and discreet. You don’t have to worry about showing off a “brace-face” in school pictures or at the dance; Invisalign fits your lifestyle perfectly.

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Virtual Care Decreases Essential Office Visits

Unlike braces, Invisalign requires fewer office visits because you receive all trays in advance and can switch them yourself. However, Dental Monitoring makes it even easier to check-in from the comfort of your home.

Budget Friendly

We offer direct billing to all major insurance companies, and we have convenient financing options to make orthodontic treatment affordable and accessible to everyone!

Budget Friendly

We offer direct billing to all major insurance companies, and we have convenient financing options to make orthodontic treatment affordable and accessible to everyone!

Book a

Book a Consultation

Get your FREE consultation in-person or online. During your first appointment, we will answer all your questions about orthodontic care, including how long it will take and how much it will cost.

Treatment Plan

Custom Treatment Plan

Each treatment plan is completely customized. We work with you to determine how often you should visit, how much your insurance plan covers, and which payment option will suit you best.

Get the

Get the Appliance

It’s time to start transforming your smile. Our orthodontic specialists will provide you with a custom-made appliance fit to your bite. With that, your journey to a gorgeous new smile begins.

We are asked this question almost every day at the office. Invisalign has come a long way over the years. The majority of adults and teens can now have their teeth straightened and bite fixed with Invisalign.

Many people believe that metal wires and force are required to move teeth, which leads to the fear that orthodontics will be uncomfortable. In fact, it only requires very light sustained pressure to move teeth. The plastic aligners work by pushing on the teeth for most of the day (20-22 hours). Aligners are switched weekly, and each set is slightly different than the one before. These small changes will slowly push your teeth to where they need to be with minimal discomfort.

Orthodontic fees are determined by each individual provider. Some orthodontists in Calgary will charge more for Invisalign than braces, some will have no difference in fee, and some will charge less for Invisalign than braces. At Impact Orthodontics, comprehensive orthodontics completed with Invisalign is less expensive than braces. In addition, Dr. Jen and Dr. Dena are Diamond Providers with Invisalign, meaning they receive a volume discount and are happy to pass this discount along to our amazing patients.

Appointments at the office are generally scheduled every 12 weeks when you have Invisalign. These appointments are about 20 minutes long and are for the doctor to check how your aligners are fitting, and teeth are moving. You will have all of your aligners at home so that you can switch them weekly. Should an appointment need to be changed, your teeth will continue moving in the right direction until you can come in for a visit. We also offer Dental Monitoring for virtual check-ins.
Attachments are tooth coloured bumps (of various shapes and sizes) that are glued to the surface of your teeth. These attachments give the aligners a place to grip and push off to aid in tooth movement.
IPR (shaping/slimming) may be necessary to create space in your mouth in order to move your teeth (in the case of crowding). It may also be needed to change the position of your teeth for your bite. Minimal tooth structure is removed (0.1-0.5mm) between the required teeth to make them straight or fix the bite. This process is not painful and does not affect the general health or strength of your teeth.
Elastics are used in orthodontics to change how the teeth touch each other. Elastics may be used to move your lower teeth forward to your upper teeth, move your upper teeth backward to meet your lower teeth, move upper teeth down to meet lower teeth, or move lower teeth up to meet upper teeth. Dr. Jen and Dr. Dena will let you know if elastics are needed to correct your bite. Elastics attach to your aligners with the use of buttons or grooves.

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