a group of young kids that would all benefit from palatal expansion with a palate expander

Rapid Palatal Expander: Unfolding The Mystery

  The Palatal Expander Explained   The world of orthodontics, with its intricate appliances and specialized procedures, can often seem like a labyrinth for parents

our family orthodontic clinic patient with braces

Our Family Orthodontic Clinic

  Why You Need A Certified Specialist     Welcome to Impact Orthodontics, your family orthodontic clinic in Calgary, Alberta. At our clinic, we provide

a boy with braces on his teeth smiling. His parents were concerned with braces cost

Understanding Braces Cost

The Cost Of Braces Are you a Calgary parent concerned about the cost of braces for your child? You’re not alone.  The cost of orthodontic

dental braces in calgary on a teen girl that is smiling

The Moms’ Guide to Dental Braces Calgary

Orthodontic Treatment Welcome, Calgary Moms, to Impact Orthodontics in Calgary, Alberta, where we understand the importance of your child’s dental health and smile. This is