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Best Orthodontist in Calgary | How Do You Pick?

The best orthodontist Calgary


It’s no surprise that you are looking for the best orthodontist in Calgary for your children.


Smiles, teeth and bites are very important and it’s only natural to be looking for an amazing orthodontic specialist.


To define the best is difficult.


The best will be different for each and every family, depending on what you are looking for.


Let’s talk about many of the aspects of orthodontic treatment and the differences you may see to help you in your search for the very best orthodontist in Calgary AB.


No Referral Needed From Your Dental Clinic


Great news! You can see any of the Calgary orthodontists without a referral from your dentists.


Dentists will not always refer you at the correct time because not every dental school does a 

good job of educating it’s graduates on orthodontic problems.


kelly brooke braces treatment no hidden fees


A good rule of thumb is to visit orthodontists when your children are around 7 years old.


If they are older than that already, no worries. Now is better than later or never.


Free Consultation


your calgary orthodontists dr. jen and dr. dena


Going in for a new patient first appointment is easy when it is free. Almost every orthodontist in Calgary offers a consultation at no charge for children.


The goal of this first visit is to advise patients on their orthodontic treatment needs.


This includes items like:

  • whether treatment is required
  • treatment plan options
  • cost
  • answering all your questions
  • going the extra mile to make the visit great


Orthodontics can be completed in many different ways. If you don’t like what you hear from one doctor or clinic, take your kids to see another orthodontist. You will know when you have found a good fit!


Finding your best orthodontist, Calgary might mean meeting a few of them 🙂


Family Braces


free consultations fouad ebrahim treatment plans


If you are looking for braces or other orthodontic care for the entire family, you’ll want to make sure that the orthodontist does treatment for all ages.


Crooked teeth straightening and bite correction can be needed at any age so you’ll want to ask about early treatment and teen or complete treatment options.


Types of Braces


braces on models of teeth in Calgary ab


What types of braces are offered by the orthodontic specialists you are seeing?


Do they have metal braces? Hidden braces? Invisalign? Damon braces? LightForce braces? Clear braces? Clear aligners like Angel or Clarity or Spark?


Having options when it comes to the types of braces available is important.


Each system asks for different things from a child at home. Some types will be easy for some children and some will be more difficult.


When there are choices, you will be able to decide what will work best for your child.


Other Orthodontic Treatments


kids can need an expander to fix their smile


Early treatment, jaw surgery, teens orthodontics, Invisalign, expanders, space maintainers, x rays…


There are many other appliances and treatments that the best orthodontists do.


As specialists, orthodontists can do all of the treatment required. This may be different from your family dentist because orthodontists have done more training than those practicing general dentistry.




free consultation at family braces and impressions orthodontics


Is the orthodontist using the latest advancements in orthodontic treatment?


Do they offer goop-free digital impressions via an intra-oral scanner?


Do they offer fully customized digital appliances?


Can they show you the before and after at your new patient appointment visit?


Do they monitor your children at home using dental monitoring technology to reduce your in-office appointments while increasing assistance to your children as needed?


The best orthodontist in Calgary for your family will have the technology and tools that you think will work well for you.


Transparent Pricing


your appointment at our clinic in calgary with our dr should be great


Orthodontic services can be expensive.


Does your orthodontist offer a guarantee?


Do they offer a free consultation for your children?


Are there interest-free flexible financing options including a payment plan?


Are there any hidden fees?


Do they provide additional items that will make treatment easier like ultrasonic cleaners?


Orthodontic Care For The 

Differently Abled


orthodontists in calgary should be patient


If we are going to talk about family braces, we need to talk about including the entire family.


Does your orthodontist see new patients that have disabilities or are neuro-divergent?


Orthodontics should be available to children, teen and adults in Calgary regardless of their abilities.


The most complex children are seen at The Alberta Children’s Hospital. Does your orthodontist have privileges at this location?


Often, the best orthodontist in Calgary will work with the more challenging children and cases.


Invisalign and Other Clear Aligners (Angel, Spark, Clarity)


no hidden fees minor treatment here at family braces


Invisalign is the most well-known clear aligner on the orthodontic market.


It has had a significant impact on the treatment of patients with adult teeth.


Invisalign can straighten your smile and treat kids and adults with little discomfort or disruption to day-to-day life.


Patients love Invisalign because most patients want to keep eating all of the foods that they love throughout treatment.


Orthodontists love Invisalign because it keeps teeth healthier than metal braces or hidden braces as it can be removed for easy brushing and flossing.


Invisalign used to be the only good clear aligner on the market. Currently, you can think of 

Invisalign like you would Kleenex. It is simply a brand name.


Other clear aligners like Angel aligners or Spark aligners do the same things that Invisalign can do. They can straighten crooked teeth just as well as braces to give you the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted.


Treatment Plan Options


the dr should tell you that no orthodontics is an option


Orthodontics can achieve a beautiful smile in many different ways.


After taking x rays and photos and a 3D scan of your child’s teeth, your Calgary orthodontist will discuss all of the different ways that the teeth can be moved or treated.


One option that you should always be given is the option of no treatment at all. Orthodontic treatment is optional 100% of the time.


Orthodontic treatment is for the prevention of long-term tooth and bite problems. Most kids are functioning just fine with the teeth where they are right now. Nothing horrible will happen if their teeth are not moved and this should be discussed with you.


Of course, there are tremendous benefits to having teeth with a good bite and a beautiful smile – but no treatment should always be covered.


Benefits of Teeth Being Straightened


orthodontics by a dr that is a specialist is key


Smiles are one of the first things we notice in another.


Having a smile you can be proud of is good for self-esteem and has been scientifically proven to positively influence what others think of you.


As your dentist will also tell you, adults and kids that have straight smiles also have fewer cavities and gum disease because it is easier to keep straight teeth clean.


Straight teeth also means less dentistry over your lifetime. You are less likely to chip and crack teeth when they are in a good bite.


Teeth that bite together well are associated with fewer jaw joint complaints. This means less TMJ problems, tooth wear and headaches.


What Can Patients Expect During Treatment?


smile the dr is in


When looking for the best orthodontist, Calgary, you should be asking about comfort.


Patients do not want there to be pain during treatment if possible.


Ask if they use the Dental Pain Eraser. This device helps patients with all discomfort related to orthodontic tooth movement. It is almost like a magic wand.


Patients that have less discomfort during treatment will report better outcomes and more satisfaction with their braces.


Are There Place You Can See What Other People Think About The Best Orthodontist, Calgary?


the cost of orthodontics includes x rays


You bet! Check out Google reviews for the orthodontists in your area.


Other than, Family Braces, all of the other orthodontists in Calgary do not remove bad reviews from their Google business listing.


You can trust what other families think of these other offices.


Facebook Mom groups are another great place to ask for recommendations.


Friends and family may also be a fantastic resource.


Honestly, if you are unsure, go and visit a few yourself. You will know which is the best fit after your experiences. If you feel pressured, or rushed, seek out another opinion.


Your relationship with your orthodontist is a long one. It should feel easy, friendly, kind, caring and special.


Why Families Choose Impact Orthodontics


not fouad ebrahim or kelly brooke for your patients


We care about your smile as much as the journey to that smile.


We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, top of the line technology and an experience that can not be compared to any other orthodontic office in Calgary.


Come in today to experience the Impact Orthodontics difference!


New patient exams can be booked by calling or texting (403)256-7797 or visiting our website here:

Learn more about Orthodontics from some of our other articles!

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