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Are You Looking For Family Braces, Shawnessy?

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Whether you live in Shawnessy in Calgary AB or in any of our gorgeous quadrants (SE, SW, NE, NW), finding a high-quality family braces orthodontist for your entire family is a great idea!


When we say family braces orthodontist, we mean an orthodontist who can take care of the entire family!


After all, orthodontic treatment (braces or Invisalign) benefits 80%+ of children and teens and can benefit adults all the way up to 80+. So, anyone in your family could need braces and an orthodontist is the one who should be doing it.


Taking care of your smile and bite is essential! That means the person in charge of this tooth and bone movement is also important.


It is a great idea to take your time to find the BEST family braces orthodontist for your entire family. Quality of care, practice environment and whether or not you like the orthodontist are important.


This article will help you understand what questions you should ask at a consultation with an orthodontist. This will ensure the best care and best fit for your family.



What Is An Orthodontist?

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An orthodontist is a specialist in the movement of teeth and jaw bones.


All orthodontists are dentists too, meaning they have more education than general dentists and spend their days moving teeth and jaws – and that’s it!


A specialist is recommended for tooth movement because there are risks involved in the process and you want someone well-versed in these risks and how to manage them.


The extra 2-3 years of training that an orthodontic specialist has to have provides them with a solid background to mitigate risk and fix any problems that arise. A general dentist may not have this knowledge.


You want your family braces managed by someone with the most knowledge and experience. That person is a family braces orthodontist – a dental specialist, much like a dermatologist is a medical specialist.



Why Is It Important To Know All Your Options?

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Calgary orthodontists are numerous, and all have different ways of accomplishing the same goals.


We recommend you book a free consultation with several and see which clinic feels best to you.


Not only will there be money differences between the offices, but there will likely be differences in appliances used, number of appointments needed, how you can pay for treatment, whether Invisalign is an option or not, how you are treated, credit checks, hidden fees, and much more.


If you are looking for a whole family braces orthodontist, you want someone who feels good. You want to know that they care about you and the outcomes you will get with treatment. You want to know they have time to talk to you and answer your questions.


Your smile and the smile of your child are precious! Take the time to find someone you trust.


With more than 50 orthodontists in the city, there is likely someone you will love close by! We’ve all heard the family braces commercials on the radio…so maybe you’ve heard of them. Keep in mind that the best fit for your family may be a practice that doesn’t do a lot of that type of marketing.


Most of us, Impact Orthodontics included, have grown by word-of-mouth. Meaning, the people who come and see us, tell other people about us. They become a part of our family and then invite others to do the same.



How Does The Office Feel?

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Whether you are looking for family braces in Shawnessy, SE Calgary, NW Calgary, or NE Calgary, note how the orthodontic office makes you feel.


Not every office environment or culture will feel good to you…and the one you pick should. Your relationship with your orthodontist is a long one. You need to like and trust them if you want your braces journey to be good.


The feel of the practice is all about communication and energy. How do they speak to you? Did you feel special, or just like a number? Was there time for your questions, or were you rushed? Were you pressured to do something immediately, or was time given to process?


At Impact Orthodontics in Calgary AB, we pride ourselves on exceptional culture and patient experience. We are in SW Calgary (Britannia) and SE Calgary (Midnapore). Come on in for your free consultation (under 20), no referrals are needed.


Dr. Jen and Dr. Dena can’t wait to meet you! Book online or call or text 403-256-7797.



Are You Offered Treatment Options?

No matter your location in Calgary ab, you should know there is always more than 1 way to fix any type of tooth or bite problem.


Braces are an option that most people will be offered. Invisalign, or other clear aligner systems, are the next most common.


Be wary if you are told that you are not a candidate for Invisalign or other clear aligners like Angel, Spark or Clarity. Everyone is a candidate for this type of treatment if they have the right provider.


Being a candidate has more to do with the orthodontist doing the treatment than with the tool to move the teeth. Some orthodontists would prefer to do everything in aligners, and some orthodontists would prefer to do everything in braces. This is likely because, in their hands, you will get a better result with that appliance with them.


It doesn’t mean that you can’t have the other appliance. You just need to find an orthodontist who is good with using the other type of appliance with teeth or a bite like yours.



Why Choose Impact Orthodontics For Your Family Braces?

braces hold and move your teeth, it takes time

A Few Things We Are Proud Of:

  1. Located in SW and SE Calgary.
  2. No hidden fees.
  3. We are orthodontists that provide braces to the entire family.
  4. Free consultations for anyone under 20.
  5. No dentist referral is needed.
  6. Braces and Invisalign cost the same, and both are offered in 90% of cases.
  7. The two orthodontists (Dr. Jen & Dr. Dena) are both owners.
  8. We use LightForce braces – 3D printed, custom braces for the most efficient tooth movement.
  9. No interest payment plans.
  10. No large down payment is required.
  11. We help you with your dental insurance and direct bill.
  12. The photos and x rays we take at your new patient exam are free and yours to keep. We will happily provide copies to any other dental professionals you wish to work with.
  13. Braces and clear aligners (Invisalign, Angel) are monitored remotely via weekly photos so that you only have to come into the office when needed. Less school and work missed!



“Family Braces Shawnessy” Google Search

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If you found this article because you were searching for family braces in Shawnessy, we hope it provided some valuable information.


We think finding the right orthodontist for your family’s braces is noble.


We also hope that you will consider Impact Orthodontics for your family braces. We are known for exceptional quality of care and customer service and would love to show you what that looks like.


Book a new patient exam here or call or text 403-256-7797. We would love to be your family braces orthodontist.

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