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Can Invisalign Actually Fix An Overbite?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

We are asked regularly if Invisalign can fix a whole host of smile and bite problems. I think the most common question is about overbite. When people talk to me about overbite they are usually are referring to the upper teeth being ahead of the lower teeth. In orthodontic terminology this is actually called overjet. See below the examples of normal overbite (vertical overlap of upper and lower front teeth) and normal overjet compared to extra overbite and extra overjet.

Normal Overbite (top left), Normal Overjet (bottom left), Extra Overbite (top right), Extra Overjet (bottom right)


In orthodontics, there are always many different ways that the bite can be fixed. Extra overbite and extra overjet are bite problems. They are fixed in order to protect your teeth from damage over time, make the forces on your teeth even, improve the way your lips cover your teeth and make your smile look better.

Some appliances used to fix overjet over the history of orthodontics include:




Twin Block






As you can see, there are many ways to correct the bite. There is not one way that is better than the other. The choice made by your orthodontist has to do with their training and comfort level with the different appliance types.

I like to do overjet correction with elastics and/or mandibular advancement wings when in Invisalign. Some of my patients prefer the wings to avoid taking elastics in and out all of the time, but the choice is usually yours!

Below are a few of Dr. Dena and my patients that have had their overjet corrected with Invisalign.

If you have extra overbite or overjet and would like to have it fixed, come on in for a free consultation. You can book online! If you would rather get this information from home, click on virtual consult and Dr. Jen or Dr. Dena will send a video consult to you.

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